“Here We Grow The Future”

Our curriculum Coordinator ensures that our SGCA curriculum is age-appropriate while working closely with our administrative staff on proper implementation in each classroom.

Infant Teacher

Our Infant Teacher enjoys working with infants and teaching them age-appropriate fine motor skills. Our teachers do this by incorporating developmental activities into the daily interactions in the classroom.

Toddler Teacher

Our toddler teacher understands the unmatched energy and curiosity of toddlers. Our teacher provides physical care while also tending to the emotional & social development of our students here at SGCA.

Preschool Teacher

Our Preschool Teacher is responsible for providing a safe and developmentally appropriate preschool program for young children that complies with all relevant legislation, policies, and procedures. Nurtures children, provides meals, crafts, and instruction, and ensures students are clean and kept safe.

Pre-K Teacher

Our Preschool Teacher under general supervision creates an inviting, learning environment, which fosters the personal growth of all children; social & emotional skills, and knowledge necessary for future successes in school; to build strong ties between home and school; to establish good relationships with parents and other staff members.